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day two.

ok so day two is apparently the day i graduate to a headset. i feel like such a douche with it on, that i just have to laugh at myself and pretend im a secret agent or an fbi agent undercover, which really isnt THAT undercover because the ear piece is huge. i wonder if target is going to ever upgrade to bluetooth. haha.

todays training entailed guest service, which is the returns/exchange department. learning the return policy, and various 'what to do if..' scenarios. one lady was totally confused at getting some of her money back on a discover card and some on a gift card, and not all of it on the discover. all in all it was a pretty good day. i had to make flyers for the go green contest in april. apparently if the store is a 3.5 guest rating in available team members, the district team lead will buy everyone in the store lunch. its funny because the rest of the store plays 'tag' which means they have to greet three customers and ask if they can help them find something. and then they get their walkies and tag someone else etc. its just amusing listening to them on the walkie considering you can hear everything unless you say channel two. i think.

i need a list of phone numbers. apparently tomorrow im banking by myself, meaning, taking all of the money out and putting it in all the registers. im high profile at target now. but i cant wait to celebrate this weekend. its goign to be debauchery the entire time, ok well i havent actually talked to my partner in crime about ny of this, but how could he possibly say no to a girl thats begging to get her drunk? hah. ohhhh well. im just excited that i could go over friday and stay all weekend til early monday morning. but then the following weekend id have to work, booooooo. haha. spoiled already.

im still not over the headset.

but i have a MAILBOX. hahaha, i have my very own mailbox and OHHHH i also have a desk! haha i have to share it with cassie, well actually, she has her own desk , we just share the office space...but the desk is for all the gstl's/gsa's. sooooooooo i have a desk!!! hah. im so important.
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