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ive been at target almost whole year...woooooooo! but today i returned to regular retail and joined the day walkers society. but i had to. more money involved, bringing me closer to moving. id say its in reach within five years or less but im shooting for two. by moving i mean...california. arizona. south carolina. florida. something. and it also depends on ron and what he decides. its hard to tell how serious he is about the fbi. hes got a year or so left of school...he could decide anything. and i kno hes not clear on what he wants but honestly, it wont matter if i transfer targets as an exec (if i can). ill make enough for the both of us. its gotta be between 40 and 50K, probably 40 to start. maybe. weekends off will be better...i get every other one. i can go to jersey on friday night and be there sat/sun and go to work monday ...but i dunno about weekends on. id like ron to come here or those.


what id really like is for him to finish school here. i kno he doesnt have work here but i bet he could find construction somewhere. adn then we could get an apartment ... cuz he'll still get unemployment for another waht? 8 or 9 months ? then we could get hermes and he wouldnt have to be in jersey anymore. i mean, this isnt a great improvement but i cant go anywhere for another 18 months at least. i just like being with him. and like, aside from all the mushy goop thats love, he really is turning into one of my best friends. i can hang out with him and joke and he wont pout or get angry. and he liiiikes to cuddle. so its like, i get cuddling, sex, kisses, inside jokes, teasing, joking, watching movies, talking, all in one. yes, i still like my space obviously and i like to have separate friends as well, tho id really like allllllll of us to hang out. its not that easy to pull everuyone together. i guess its just the next logical step and i think hes ready for it. plus im also just curious as to what it would be like.

how did this become an entry about my boyfriend? haha.

anyway, as gstl, i automatically get keys with my position on them, plus a headset. haha. thats the funniest part, i dunno when i graduate to headset status tho. completed training? the practice mode on the register was funny. i only wish it had stupid prompts that had cheese encouragements. but i guess that would be come kind of programming, right? too expensive maybe. training mode just means you can scan shit and print receipts without it affecting the real total sales.

apparently there are super targets, but i think its a myth.
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